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Domestic Violence Attorneys in Medford, OR

Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in Medford, Oregon

At Collins Rowan, our skilled Medford domestic violence defense lawyers represent clients throughout Oregon because we understand the deeply personal nature of these charges. Domestic violence charges can have a detrimental effect on the accused’s personal and professional life, which is emphasized by the serious legal consequences that accompany an arrest. 

Our Jackson County criminal defense attorneys know domestic violence charges are inherently complex. With experience on both sides of the courtroom, our domestic violence defense lawyers are prepared to provide intelligent and precise legal solutions for each of our client’s unique cases. 

Contact us today to learn how we can help you put these difficult charges behind you, so you can move forward with confidence. 

How Does the State of Oregon Define Domestic Violence?

Like most states, Oregon defines domestic violence as abuse between family or household members.

Those relationships include:

  • A current or former spouse.
  • A person who cohabitates with or has cohabitated with the defendant.
  • A person with whom the defendant has or had a sexually intimate relationship.
  • An adult to whom the defendant is related by blood or marriage.
  • The other parent of the defendant’s child, no matter their past or current relationship.

When someone is accused of domestic violence in Oregon, he or she is almost always detained by the police. Once they are released from jail, a no contact order will be put in place, precluding the accused from having contact with the alleged victim. 

No contact orders can lead to significant strain on everyone involved, especially when the parties share a home, personal property, and/or children. 

Depending on the circumstances of your unique domestic violence charges, and any criminal history involving the same, our skilled criminal defense attorney may seek an amendment or modification to the order for certain household or childcare purposes.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, contact our experienced domestic violence attorneys in Medford today to learn more about your legal rights and options to fight these charges with confidence. 

What are the Consequences of a Domestic Violence Conviction in Oregon?

Domestic violence charges in Oregon are determined by the specific circumstances of the situation, including whether the accused has a criminal history involving harassment or assault. 

Domestic violence is typically a misdemeanor charge unless a child was present during the altercation, or the accused has three or more prior domestic assault convictions, in which case the charge will increase to a Class C Felony.

Most domestic violence convictions result in a court-ordered rehabilitation program, in addition to a variety of consequences, including:

  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Jail time
  • Loss of visitation and or custody of shared children
  • Mandatory classes and or counseling
  • Suspension or loss of your right to own or possess a firearm

We believe in providing creative solutions to complex legal issues like domestic violence charges using a combination of intellect, superior drafting, filing, and arguing pre-trial motions skills, advanced negotiation tactics, and a dedicated approach to trial preparedness.

Quality representation begins with attending all court appearances, which allows our Medford domestic violence defense attorneys to do more than represent our clients. We partner with our clients to deliver end-to-end legal solutions throughout the legal process. 

Contact Our Skilled Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys in Medford, Oregon for Help 

If you have been arrested for domestic violence charges in Oregon, contact our experienced criminal defense attorneys in Medford, Oregon at Collins Rowan today by phone at 541.773.3606 or email to discuss your case and ensure your rights are protected from the start. 

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers in Oregon

What Happens if the Alleged Victim No Longer Wants to Pursue Domestic Violence Charges in Oregon?

Whether or not criminal charges will be filed in a domestic violence case in Oregon is within the sole discretion of the prosecutor’s office. Many municipal courts do not handle domestic violence cases in Oregon, which may land your case in Jackson County, where the charges are usually there to stay. Even if an alleged victim explains that a domestic violence crime did not take place, the court will not automatically dismiss the charges. This makes it doubly important to partner with a skilled domestic violence attorney in Medford who can outline the facts of the case, and fight for your freedom. 

What are the Most Common Defenses for Domestic Violence in Oregon?

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Oregon, you deserve a customized legal defense strategy that fits your unique circumstances. While some common defenses may include self-defense, acting in the defense of others, or that the accusations were false, the prosecution is going to dig in to ensure they have explored every angle of the case. We can help investigate your case, so the facts are available and argued on your behalf to pursue the best possible outcome. 

What Happens if I Violate a No Contact Order in Oregon?

No contact orders mean no contact. If you violate a no contact order in Oregon, you can be arrested and face additional criminal charges. The no-contact order remains in effect until either you are convicted and sentenced, or the case is dismissed.

When Will I Get to Tell My Side of the Story?

The State of Oregon takes domestic violence seriously, which is why nearly all police responses to these allegations end in an arrest, and a subsequent no contact order. You will have the opportunity to tell your side of the story to your defense attorney, who can present your case to the prosecutor’s office in a petition to have the charges dismissed. The prosecutor’s office will not take this request lightly, so we must build a strong case on your behalf. We want to hear from you, and learn more about your unique circumstances, so we can help you pursue the best outcome for your case. 

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