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Expungements Lawyers in Medford, OR

Accomplished Expungement Attorneys in Medford, Oregon

At Collins Rowan, our experienced Medford expungement lawyers represent clients throughout Oregon who are interested in removing certain types of criminal arrests, charges, and convictions from their records. We understand that misdemeanor and felony convictions can stand in the way of your success, including your ability to seek employment, apply for a lease or loan, qualify for subsidized housing, or retain or renew a professional license, and we want to help put these challenges behind you.

Our Jackson County expungement lawyers believe our clients deserve to present their best profile to the world, and one of the soundest ways to do so is to clear your criminal record, so it does not appear during public or criminal background checks.

While not all convictions are eligible for expungement our skilled Oregon defense attorneys will provide meticulous, client-focused, legal representation you need to pursue real results for qualifying charges, so you can move forward with confidence. Call us now to learn more.

What Types of Charges Can Be Expunged From My Criminal Record in Oregon?

Not every type of conviction is eligible for expungement in Oregon.

However, some of the most common types of cases that are eligible may include:

  • Most misdemeanor drug charges and nearly all marijuana offenses, as well as Class B and Class C felony convictions for possession of most drugs, including Schedule I Substances.
  • Other misdemeanors and Class B or Class C felonies may be reversed, including theft and burglary charges.
  • Some domestic violence and assault crimes, depending on the degree of assault and the number of domestic violence convictions on your record.

If you were arrested and charged with a crime but the charges were dismissed or you were acquitted, you can petition the court to set aside your record.

Qualifying to have your charges set aside requires:

  • You have not been arrested for anything other than a traffic violation in the last three years.
  • You have not been convicted of a crime, other than a traffic offense, within the last ten years.
  • You have not had a conviction set aside within the last ten years.
  • There are no current criminal proceedings against you.
  • You have not had a DUI charge dismissed after completing a Diversion Program.

Convictions that are NOT eligible for expungement include:

  • DUII and traffic offense convictions.
  • Class A felonies that are not marijuana related.
  • Most sex crimes.
  • Most drug delivery and manufacturing charges
  • Class A and B felony robberies.
  • Child and elder abuse and assault.

At Collins Rowan, our dedicated expungement attorneys in Medford understand that no two people are alike, and neither are their criminal records or how they impact their lives. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to address their specific concerns and expungement needs on a case-by-case basis to provide legal representation that is tailored to their specific needs.

We believe in providing creative solutions to complex legal issues using a combination of intellect, superior drafting, and filing expungement motions to deliver end-to-end legal solutions for Oregon residents who are ready to start anew.

Contact Our Trial-Tested Expungement Attorneys in Medford, Oregon for Help Today

If you have questions about your criminal record, and whether the arrest, charges, or convictions therein are eligible for expungement in Oregon, we can help.

Contact our skilled expungement attorneys in Medford, Oregon at Collins Rowan today by phone at 541.773.3606 or email.

Frequently Asked Questions for Our Expungement Lawyers in Medford, Oregon

Why Would an Oregon Resident Seek an Expungement?

All Oregon residents must know that they do not have to be convicted of a crime for their arrest or charges — even when dismissed — to appear on their record during a criminal background check.

That means, when they are looking for a job, apartment, or volunteering opportunities, a detailed background check will reveal their arrests, charges, and convictions. This can lead to significant obstacles in their personal, professional, and social lives going forward. At Collins Rowan, our skilled Medford expungement attorney can help you understand your eligibility to wipe your record clean, so you can have a fresh start.

How Does the Expungement Process Work in Oregon?

The Oregon expungement process begins with partnering with an experienced attorney who can guide you through your eligibility, and the necessary paperwork to ensure the request is properly compiled, notarized, processed, and completed.

All documents require a legal fingerprint card and will go through an Oregon State Police background check, District Attorney review, and signature approvals.

If your request for expungement is approved, the official signed order — and a cleared record — typically follows in three to four months.

Am I Required to Hire an Attorney to Pursue an Expungement Order?

Legally, no. You can pursue the expungement process on your own. However, the process is lengthy and complex, and may be rejected if the paperwork is not properly submitted. In addition, court staff is prohibited by law from giving you advice on legal matters, including how to fill out the motion and affidavit. Our skilled expungement attorneys in Oregon can help ensure you get it right the first time, so you can move forward with confidence.

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