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Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys in Grants Pass, Oregon

At Collins Rowan, our skilled Grants Pass criminal defense lawyers pride ourselves in representing any of our city’s nearly 40,000 residents when they are facing legal challenges in municipal, state, and federal courts.

No matter where our clients live or work in Oregon, we are devoted to providing the legal precision and skill necessary to deliver customized solutions for their unique circumstances.

Our Josephine County criminal defense lawyers prepare strategic legal solutions for each of our clients — no matter their charges, criminal histories, or defense requirements — through attention to detail, creative critical thinking, and close client collaboration.

If you are being investigated for a crime, have been arrested for a crime, or have been charged with a crime anywhere in Oregon, you do not have to face the state or federal prosecutors alone.

Our skilled Grants Pass defense attorneys have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases, and strive to provide meticulous, client-focused, legal representation that produces results. Contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options, so you can pursue the best outcome for your unique case.

Collins Rowan Grants Pass, Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney Practice Areas

Collins Rowan is a full-service criminal defense law firm dedicated to delivering quality legal representation for clients throughout the state of Oregon.

We resolve legal issues for our clients thoroughly and efficiently and are committed to providing creative solutions to complex legal issues in the following criminal law practice areas:

With experience on both sides of the courtroom, our criminal defense lawyers in Grants Pass, Oregon are prepared to provide intelligent and precise legal solutions for all.

Contact our Josephine County criminal law firm today to learn how we can help with your case.

Do I Need a Grants Pass Criminal Defense Attorney If I Know I Am Innocent?

Unfortunately, false accusations, improper witness IDs, manufactured evidence, court and jury biases, or official indifference to innocence and error have landed tens of thousands of innocent people in jail and prison over the years.

The largest mistake you can make is believing that your innocence will set you free. Gone are the days of presumed innocence until proven guilty. Now, it is the opposite. Allegations must be proven false, and innocence must be fought for — instead of the other way around.

Your best protection — even if you are absolutely innocent — comes in the form of a skilled criminal defense attorney in Grants Pass.

We can help you tell your side of the story and protect your rights from the beginning, so you are, in fact, innocent until proven otherwise.

We provide vital legal counsel for individuals who are under criminal investigation, those who have been accused of a crime but not yet charged, and others who are concerned about how their criminal history may impact their futures after a subsequent arrest.

What Will the Grants Pass Criminal Lawyers at Collins Rowan Do For Me that an Oregon Public Defender Cannot?

A recent story by the Associated Press reported that Oregon’s public defender system is the only one in the nation that relies entirely on contractors. Unfortunately, some firms and private attorneys are periodically refusing to take new cases because of the workload. Poor pay rates and late payments from the state are also a disincentive.

As a result, on August 15, 2022, Oregon’s chief justice fired all the members of the Public Defense Services Commission, frustrated that hundreds of defendants charged with crimes and who cannot afford an attorney have been unable to obtain public defenders to represent them.

The unprecedented action comes as Oregon’s unique public defender system has come under such strain that it is at the breaking point. Criminal defendants in Oregon who have gone without legal representation due to a shortage of public defenders filed a lawsuit in May 2022 that alleges the state is violating their constitutional right to legal counsel and a speedy trial.

Our Grants Pass criminal defense lawyers work for our clients, keeping our caseloads limited, so we can act on any one of our client’s behalf without delay. We understand that retaining a skilled criminal defense attorney in Josephine County is not free. But we do everything we can to represent clients at an affordable rate, so their freedom is at the forefront of our case.

Will My Grants Pass, Oregon Criminal Case Go to Trial?

Though we are not afraid of a fight, we believe an intelligent criminal defense strategy does not require an aggressive approach. It demands a precisely developed and persuasive argument to overcome legal obstacles to reach each of our client’s goals.

We are trial-tested and always trial ready. If a trial is the best course of action, we will fight for your freedom using our legal knowledge and skills in the courtroom.

Words are the true weapons inside the courtroom and have a far greater effect in changing people’s opinions — including those who sit on the jury.

Our knowledge, experience, and savviness in the courtroom have allowed our Grants Pass criminal defense lawyers to successfully represent thousands of clients in both state and federal courtrooms throughout Oregon.

Contact Our Trial-Tested Criminal Defense Attorneys in Grants Pass, Oregon for Help Today

If you are being investigated for a crime, have been arrested for a crime, or have been charged with a crime in Oregon, you do not have to face the state or federal prosecutors alone.

Contact our skilled criminal defense attorneys in Grants Pass, Oregon at Collins Rowan today by phone at 541.773.3606 or email to discuss your case and ensure your rights are protected from the start. 

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